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Snoop Dogg Fondly Remembers Back To The First Time He Met DMX

Snoop Dogg appeared on The Tonight Show where he spoke about the first time he met DMX. He also speaks on their 2020 Verzuz battle.


Snoop Dogg recently appeared on The Tonight Show where he revealed the first time he met DMX.

Appearing on The Tonight Show on Monday, Snoop Dogg reflected on the life of fellow Hip Hop star DMX. Yonkers native Earl Simmons, better known as DMX, suffered a heart attack that left him in a “vegetative state” on life support for a week. On April 9, the much-loved emcee died, shaking the entertainment world across the globe.

The sad news of DMX’s death was fresh in the mind of host Jimmy Fallon. He asked Snoop Dogg firstly about his recent 2020 Verzuz battle with DMX. Appearing onscreen draped in the iconic “Doggystyle” clothing he wore for the Verzuz, Snoop reminisced on the spectacle. He said: “It meant the world because it gave the world the chance to see two dogs that naturally loved each other celebrating each other in the name of hip-hop.”

Billed as the “Battle of the Dogs”, the Verzuz streamed live to over 500,000 people. Hip Hop fans witnessed two of the all-time greats giving each other respect and enjoying each other’s songs. Some of the songs performed included ‘Deep Cover’, ‘Where My Dogs At’ and ‘Who Am I (What’s My Name)’. The Long Beach native Snoop Dogg added: “We had God in the building with us that night. That makes me feel good about DMX’s transition to know that he’s off to a better place, and he’s finally got his angel wings.”

Furthermore, Fallon delves deeper, asking Snoop Dogg about the first time he met DMX. The pair met at a concert in 1994, then went back to the studio together. Snoop told Fallon that he remembers a story that was “deep and instrumental” to their relationship. “He was like when you first met me, I was away from him. And he was saying, ‘What’s happenin’. What’s up.’ And I was like, ‘Get at me, dog’. He was like, ‘I took that, and I made that into my song ‘Get At Me Dog’ because of the way you got at me and said that. I was like, ‘That’s slick. So, that night inspired him to create that song ‘Get At Me Dog,’ which was one of his biggest ‘hood records that he put out.”


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