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Money B On Why DU Wasn’t Featured On Tupac’s Death Row Era Music

Appearing on Heart Of An Outlaw show hosted by Andrew Moffatt, Hip Hop artist Money B explained why Digital Underground was not featured on Tupac’s music when he was signed to Death Row records.

While incarcerated and facing four years behind bars in 1995, Tupac Shakur was bailed out by Suge Knight of Death Row records. Shakur would go on to recorded two albums for the label and records hundreds of songs before his passing. But during this short period of time, Tupac never recorded music with Money B and Shock G of Digital Underground.

“Here’s what people maybe do not fully grasp. The whole Death Row era for Tupac was all of about nine months,” Money B explained during the interview. “He just did so much in that time.”

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Aside of Shock G living out on the east coast and Money B in the Bay area, given the reputation of Death Row records played a big role in why Digital Underground did not record with Tupac.

“It’s wasn’t like hey, ‘You guys can’t be apart of it’, He was just doing it and whoever went down there to see him could be apart of it,” Money B said. “Me personally I just chose not to put myself in that environment.”

Money B also noted that it felt as Shakur was on borrowed times and recorded so much music during that period of his life. Watch the full clip below.


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