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Lil Tony Drops New Single and Music Video For “Hot”

Lil Tony, rising hip-hop star, unleashes an incendiary and infectious new single and music video entitled “Hot.”

The track tempers anxious hi-hats with a jazzy piano loop. Meanwhile, Lil Tony leans on the beat with a hard-hitting cadence. Intense verses give way to a hypnotic hook as he proclaims, “Yeah, I’m fly as f*** right now, I can’t barely feel my face, I’m high as f*** right now.” In the accompanying visual directed by PUBLICGOAT, he spits bars from a fire escape, under the glow of neon red lights, and through a plume of smoke. The clip just illuminates his raw talent and undeniable presence.

Lil Tony - Hot

It arrives on the heels of “Canoozled,” which has gathered 201K YouTube views on the music video. Continuing a prolific year, Lil Tony maintains his momentum from the bombastic mixtape TKEY. Lil Tony may be a newcomer in the rap game, but you’d never know from his confident presence and dizzying lyricism. The arrival of his mixtape TKEY marks the culmination of years of honing his craft and building momentum in his hometown. You’ve been warned, because Lil Tony is turning up the heat in 2023.


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