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Kotrof15 Releases “Holla, Holla It’s Halloween” Feat. Tony Tig, Julisa & JK Harrison

Kotrof15 releases it’s latest collaboration Holla, Holla It’s Halloween featuring Tony Tig, Julisa and JK Harrison.

It’s time to trick or treat yourself to Kotrof15 Records latest single HOLLA, HOLLA, IT’S HALLOWEEN. The new collaboration features Fa-boo-lous Tony Tig, the Hallow-queen Julisa and the Ghostess with the mostest Mr. JK Harrison and the eerie-sistible PEELS.

With this latest release, Kotrof15 provides listeners with a brand new must-listen Halloween theme song. The up and coming label would like to “creep it real and give em pumpkin to talk about,” while lifting spirits this October and having a fang-tastic Halloween!


JK Harrison, the talented composer and lyricists, provides the vocals on the catchy hook, along with The Peels. Inspired by The Beatles, Harrison knows a thing or two about catchy melodies. “The Beatles really hit me. The way they wrote such catchy melodies and changed their style so rapidly, and I dug their humor. Then, I got into David Bowie, Prince, punk/new wave stuff, Brian Eno’s ambient music, and early hip-hop. As you can see, I am just inspired by any great music that has depth and originality,” Harrison tells Hip Hop XXIV.

For Harrison it was a no-brainer to collaborate on Kotrof15’s new single inspired by the popular holiday. “I love all those old horror films, Dracula, Frankenstein etc., and Exorcist scared the sh** outta me,” said Harrison.

“Halloween is here again
Go dress up and tell your friend
It’s gon’ be a scary night
People dressing in different vibes
What a sight, what a time
See the goblins from behind
Don’t foget the trick or treat
Hope it’s something good to eat”
– Julisa (Holla, Holla It’s Halloween)

HOLLA, HOLLA, IT’S HALLOWEEN is now streaming on all major platforms, along with visuals out on all major video outlets!


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