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Kodak Black Performs “Shaka Laka” At Rolling Loud: I Ain’t A Follower

Hours after the release of his controversial collaboration with Tekashi 69 and Yailin La Mas Viral, Kodak Black responds to backlash on Rolling Loud stage.

Kodak Black is no stranger to viral moments. The Florida native has kept his “street cred” intact and music career has not lost a beat even with previous support of President Donald Trump who pardoned the rapper and set him home free back in 2021.

But, that was until Kodak decided to link with Tekashi 69 thanks to Wack 100 and deep pockets from 10K Records and Fume Vapes. After announcing their joint collab, many chimed in with mixed reactions, such as Boosie Badazz. a fan of Kodak, was left speechless.

6ix9ine and Kodak Black

Performing live at Rolling Loud, Kodak Black closed out his performance rapping to his Shaka Laka verse and responding to the backlash with “I ain’t no follower.”

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One can only assume that Kodak’s collab with 6ix9ine also did not sit well with Anuel AA whom the Brooklyn rapper has been beefing with. Back in February of 2023, Anuel appeared on The Angie Martinez Show where he praised Kodak.

“That’s my boy,” Anuel said around the 20:56 mark of his interview on The Angie Martinez Show. “He’s the face of Haiti right now. Lile for real. He’s the face of Haiti right now and he’s doing it good and he wants to be… like I always be talking to him and we be talking game a lot. I know he hasn’t been around for a lot of years and he’s really independent. So, I’ve made it to where I’m not independent, so I be giving him a lot of advice.

Now Anuel finds himself at odds with Kodak after the rapper clearly took a shot at him. Now only did he collab with 6ix9ine, his opening bar on Shaka Laka was a low blow. “N****, how you lose your b**** to a snitch?,” rapped Kodak referencing 6ix9ine now with Anuel’s ex and mother of their child.

Kodak Black verse off Shaka Laka

“N****, how you lose your b**** to a snitch?
I’m a one man army, I ain’t never need a clique
I done came a long way from the bricks
I don’t give a f***, I’m making million dollars plays with these jits
S***, it ain’t like we ’bout to hit a lick
We going in on a verse, we ain’t going in on a brick
And quit talking what you do, end some s***
It ain’t no telling that was you, what you n***** woulda did
I gotta eat, I’m missing business with the streets
And my lil’ girlfriend will be wondering a few million sounding sweet
I gotta eat, I’m missing business with the streets
And my lil’ girlfriend will be wondering a few million sounding sweet”


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