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Khujo Goodie On Why He Released New Music “The K-Files”

Speaking with Hip Hop XXIV, Khujo Goodie revealed why he decided to release new music in 2022 with a series of projects entitled “The K-Files.”

Just over a month ago, Khujo Goodie released volume 2 of his “The K-Files” series. Collectively the two projects consist of 13 tracks. Accorsing to Khujo, the timing of the release was perfect and inspired by his fans, family, and the lost of many within the hip hop industry.

“The K-Files, are just some rhymes I had in my head. Some music I had in my computer,” Khujo explained. “I was like nah, I need to get this out to my fans. I need to get these files out. So, that put me in the frame of naming it The K-Files.”

Khujo Goodie On Why He Released New Music "The K-Files"
Khujo Goodie (via YouTube)

The lost of many within the hip hop community over the past two years, led Khujo to not take things for granted. “A lot of our hip hop legends have been passing. I was just thinking that I’m behind the clock. It’s normal to feel a bit fearsome and scared. I was like, I need to get my music out, because I don’t want it to be that something happens to me and all my stuff are in the computer and we can do nothing with it,” he said.

Khujo also hopes to inspire what he calls his “90s comrades,” to not give up and continue to put out quality music. “I wanted to put The K-Files out there and let my 90s comrade brothers out there that rap too, that we can still do it,” Khujo explained. “It’s wide open for us now. The major record labels ain’t really nothing right now. You could do it independent right now.”


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