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Jada Pinkett Smith’s Favorite Episode Of ADW Was With Tupac

Jada Pinkett Smith has many great memories from her time on the hit sitcom “A Different World.” One of those favorite moments came with Tupac Shakur.

On a special episode of Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk, the superstar cast of the groundbreaking series “A Different World” reunites after 35 years. The cast revealed exclusive behind-the-scenes stories, hilarious and heartfelt memories and reliving their favorite episodes.

One of those favorite episodes was from season 6. An episode in which actor Kadeem Hardison who portrayed Dwayne Wayne, also directed. When host Jada was asked which was her favorite episode on “A Different World,” the actress pondered for a slight second and said, “Maybe it’s the one that Kadeem directed. the one with ‘Pac. That was a really good episode.”

Jada Pinkett Smith and cast of A Different World
Red Table Talk (Facebook)

Tupac was also establishing himself as an actor. Shakur had already starred in the movie “Juice” and was ready to show the world his versatile acting skills in the John Singleton film “Poetic Justice.” Prior to the premiere of the movie, Tupac made his appearance on “A Different World.”

Directed by Kadeem Hardison, the June 24th episode “Home, Don’t Ya Know Me?” had Tupac as Piccolo, who came to pay a visit to Lena James, played by Shakur’s real life good friend, Jada Pinkett.

Last year Kadeem appeared on The Breakfast Club and spoke about working with Tupac. “I always thought he was gonna be a better actor than rapper,” Hardison said on the morning show. “He scared me as an actor. I’m like this dude can reach places that I can’t even imagine.”

For Kadeem, directing the episode with Tupac and Jada was “so easy to direct” as he stated on Red Talk Table. Tupac and Jada’s chemistry was on full display, as the two were good friends off camera and had both attended The Baltimore School For The Arts as teens.


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