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Ja Rule Releases Heartfelt Message Defending Ashanti

Days after Fat Joe went on IG Live to call out Irv Gotti, Ja Rule speaks out in a heartfelt message about his good friend, Ashanti.

Ja Rule, also known as “Switzerland,” has had what he calls a “turbulent” week as he has stood in between Irv Gotti and Ashanti ongoing issues. Ja Rule, just as the 2.5 million who tuned in to witness Irv Gotti’s rant about Ashanti on Drink Champs, is ready to move on.

Irv who said he was hurt the moment when Ashanti no longer wanted to throw the “M” representing Murder Inc. records, also touched on many layers of their history. From their alleged 20 plus years ago intimate relationship to now their fight over Ashanti’s masters for her debut album. (Watch: Irv Gotti Calls Out Ashanti Over Stems: NO!)

Ja Rule Releases Heartfelt Message Defending Ashanti

Hit with serious backlash, Irv Gotti also caught the attention of Fat Joe, who the former Murder Inc. records CEO also brought into the conversation on Drink Champs. ” “Whatever Irv has with Ashanti is 20 years old, right? I know he was making some points that mean a lot to him, his heart, and soul. But when you keep ranting about somebody 20 years later, it feels like he’s not over the young lady, right?,” Joe said on his IG Live. “Also, we didn’t know that they was f**king, right? Cause the whole time I’m there. ‘What’s Luv’, Big Pun record, on tour. I never seen them together like that. Now I’m not saying that they wasn’t, they was. I never seen it, but I don’t need to know! Now, It’s okay, if it’s in a documentary. You gotta say your truth in your documentary. But to go to Drink Champs and to keep calling her a b***h, keep disrespecting.”

Joe also said it wasn’t his job to “stand up” for Ashanti noting Ja Rule was there next to Irv during the Drink Champs interview. Ja Rule would then respond back to Fat Joe’s IG Live, “STOP saying I didn’t defend sis and all women when I clearly told Gotti stop calling Ashanti/women the B word same way I told Joe at Verzuz watch the interview before you talk shit… NOW LEAVE ME TF OUT THESE GROWN FOLK BUSINESSES… ❤️”

But, Ja wasn’t done yet. On Thursday (August 11), Ja decided to close the chapter on the Irv-Ashanti fiasco. Sharing a photo holding hands with Ashanti on stage, Ja wrote in the caption, “Brotherly love… The last few days have been very turbulent for me but it’s time to land the plane… I love my sis I love my bro but I DO NOT condone or agree with the behavior nor the way Gotti handled things on drink champs I hope y’all understand how uncomfortable this is for me being in the middle of something I wish to not be… going forward all I ask is to be left out of this please and thank you!!! Sincerely Switzerland Bennett… ✌🏾🙏🏾❤️🌊❤️ #ICONN #Vibes

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  1. This kitty crap is why Em don’t like you. Sit by and let the man disresepct the lady and cry around after and still don’t defend the lady. Em would have. He has passion and speaks his mind no matter the fall out. Why he the goat and no one remembers whatever the f you are calling yourself for 20 yrs. Pathedic. I as a chick don’t cry around this much and I have much harder prob than all of this. I am 40 and bumped Em and my teenagers are streamng the same stuff. Oh funny they don’t know who you are Ja. Well they said that dude Em don’t like, who is he. Clout chassin cat look better saying nothing over crying for ppl to leave him out of mess. I mean if he had a career he would know that’s what fan’s do. Ask Em. :p Oh my 15 yr old daughter is less of a kitty than this. Sad.


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