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Ice Cube Isn’t Happy With Free-Trading App Robinhood

West Coast icon Ice Cube is suing Robinhood who apparently used his image on an advertisement without his consent.

As reported first by TMZ, Ice Cube claims the free-trading app Robinhood did not contact him when they decided to use his image for an ad. The advertisement was placed on the Robinhood Snacks newsletter without the Hip Hop legend’s permission.

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Not only did the company use his image without Cube’s permission, but they also inserted his lyrics onto the advertisement. “Correct yourself before your wreck yourself,” was written on the ad which stems from Cube’s 1993 hit single “Check Yo Self“.

Cube does not want to represent the company, nor does he want users of the app to think he agrees with the financial services which he calls “horrible”. According to the lawsuit, Robinhood is the “antithesis of everything that Ice Cube stands for.”

As of this writing it is unknown how much Cube is suing for and Robinhood has yet to publicly address the lawsuit.


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