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How Jay-Z Broke The Heart Of “Dipset Anthem” Producer

Rsonist of The Heatmakerz, sat down on My Expert Opinion where the producer revealed being curved and heart broken by Jay-Z.

Many artists and producers have their bucket list, hoping to cross out as many as possible before their careers come to an end. For New York native hit producer, Rsonist, one of those must-do goals on his bucket list still remains years later.

Having enormous success in the mid 2000s working with Canibius, Ghostface Killah and Dipset, the Heatmakerz producer had Jay-Z on his radar. “I had did a beat years ago around the Diplomatic time and Guru’s my man. Young Guru, we went to college together. I always wanted to get on Jay’s album, so I would leave beats with Guru, like, ‘Guru, If you see Jay…’ So, I would do that time and time again. And one night Guru called me and was like, ‘Yo Jay was about to go to the club. I played him that s*** that you had and n****s recorded to it now.’ I’m driving home hype.”

How Jay-Z Broke Producer Of "Dipset Anthem" Heart
Rsonist (YouTube)

Next morning, Rsonist called Guru, eager to hear the Jay-Z record. Unfortunately for Rsonist, his dream of working with one of his favorite artists’ would come to a halt. “He asked me who produced it. I said Heatmakerz and he told me to erase that s**t,” Rsonist recalls. The talented producer believes Jay’s decision was influenced by his at the time beef with Cam’ron. “That s*** hurt my heart,” said Rsonist.

Heatmakerz were all over Dipset’s project Diplomatic Immunity (The Diplomats album). An album which gave us “Dipset Anthem,” which is still going strong years later. “I don’t make music that’s disposable. My s*** last for years,” explained Rsonist. “You saw what that s*** did to the Garden the other day, Dipset Anthem.” Rsonist also credited his cousin for reminding him how good of a beat it was moments before the Heatmakerz producer was ready to delete.


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