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First Snoop Dogg, Now Fabolous Faces Incident With Delivery Driver

After Snoop Dogg’s incident with an Uber Eats driver, now fellow hip hop artist Fabolous was allegedly robbed by a DoorDash driver.

On Tuesday (March 15), Fabolous took to his official Instagram account where he claimed someone had stolen from his vehicle. Unlike Snoop‘s case, this particular driver was not delivering for the Brooklyn rapper. As he was making his delivery in the neighborhood, the driver decided to help himself with a few shoe boxes. According to Fab, who says he has footage of the incident, the shoe boxes are his.

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Faboulous wasn’t looking to put DoorDash or the driver on blast, but instead issued a warning to the unknown individual. Fab would write the following in the caption on Instagram:

“I’m giving the opportunity here & now to whoever this dude is to return the stuff stolen. I will take it back with no consequence, & let it slide. IF NOT, i have plenty of video footage, the delivery car info, the Door Dash pick up info & even will reach out to door dash & get all information involved with the driver/vehicle… If you know this guy or this is your family or friend u should holla at him to return it ASAP. YALL CAN DM ME & this will be handled & left as a mistake or opportunity.”

It appears the issue was resolved, as of this writing Fabolous has taken down the Instagram post.


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