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Dirty Bert Drops “444” Visuals Off “Never Settle 4 Nothing” Mixtape

New music video “444” by NSN artist, Dirty Bert, showcases how the Jersey native represents the essence of hip hop and where it originated from in its purest form —the streets.

With his latest release “444” directed by @rickthedirector, Dirty Bert once again shows no indication of losing a step. It is understood that now and going forward, its go time. “I’ve been everywhere and nowhere at the same dam time. Family will always be my first order of business insuring they have everything they need was a sacrifice,” Bert tells Hip Hop XXIV. “So many things including dreams had to take a back seat. The focus you see is the same hunger and love from the beginning except now it’s time.”

Indeed it is. Bert has been consistently dropping new music since the end of 2020 and now in 2021. Appearing on Young Noble’s “Outlaw Nation Vol. 7“, Bert closed off the mixtape the same way he started it, with pure heat. “Noble and I have always supported each other. Our friendship goes way deeper then the music,” Bert explains. “But the music has always bonded all of us together. Honestly it felt amazing, all I ever really wanted was to be heard.”

Influenced by some of the greats such as KRS-One, Rakim, Guru, Sadat X, Cool G, Big Daddy Kane, EPMD, and Tupac Shakur — Dirty Bert is sticking to the “script” no matter the current times. “When I fell in love with music on a whole it was about being who you are authentically and creatively. It didn’t matter what wave would make you rich or popular it was really real.”

Bert along with the NSN family, have dropped a new mixtape “Never Settle 4 Nothing”. “The mixtape represents the cloth of music we were cut from. We lost so many hip hop soldiers from our team that will never be heard. It’s also an introduction to us NSN,” Dirty Bert said. “NSN Pretty much symbolizes the street we hung out on coming up. We were New St. Ni–az before the music. Never Settle 4 Nothing just makes it universal.”

Listen to the Never Settle 4 Nothing here.


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