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Did Lil Durk Diss Tekashi 69 On New Cardi B Song Featuring Ye?

Lil Durk appears to diss Tekashi 69 as he is featured alongside Kanye West on Cardi B’s new single ‘Hot Sh*T.’

When Cardi B completed her new single ‘Hot Sh*t’ she knew the song was incomplete. In fact, Cardi had many artists in mind as she narrowed it down to who she would allow to hop on the BanBwoi & Tay Keith produced track.

But not just any artist, according to Cardi no female rapper in the game today fit the hookless track. “I feel it needed a male rapper. This is not designed for no female rapper. I don’t hear no female rapper on it,” Cardi B told Nessa of Hot 97.

Did Lil Durk Diss Tekashi 69 On New Cardi B Song Featuring Ye
Lil Durk (YouTube)

After Lil Durk’s name was suggested by someone, Cardi B was excited to work with Durkio for the first time and he did no disappoint. “I never had a interaction with him. I never spoke to him. We had the Kanye verse, but I still felt like it was missing something,” Cardi B explained. “They send him the song and the next day they was like, ‘Oh, yeah. He sent his verse already.'”

Cardi B also praised Lil Durk’s patience and grind that has led him to be a top rapper in the game. Durk also shared the love back to Cardi stating she had the best verse on the new single.

Regardless who had the best verse, Durkio’s verse appears to take a shot at Tekashi 69. The two have been going at it for years now. Back in 2021, Tekashi on a Twitch live stream also challenged Durk to a one-on-one fight. “You get Lil Durk in the ring right now, I’m eating him alive. I will violate him on King Von’s grave. He’s gonna hit me with the b***h a** s*** he’s doing now — nothing. He gonna hit me with the, ‘Yo, you making it hot right now, bro. Chill, chill,” said Tekashi 69 on Twitch.

Still in 2022, Durk does not appear to focus on Tekashi 69 as of late as he is letting the success do the talking, but on Cardi’s ‘Hot Sh*t,’ it appears Durk couldn’t help himself. “This ain’t for them ni**as in the house, this sh*t for Glock users,” rapped Lil Durk which could be in reference to Tekashi 69 who is often clowned by those claiming he cannot leave the house due to his countless ops.

In another line Durk raps, “They just came outside in 2020.” That line could be referring to Tekashi 69 who was granted an early release on home confinement in April of 2020. Check the full Lil Durk verse on Cardi’s ‘Hot Sh*t’ and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Lil Durk’s Verse on Hot Sh*t

This that block music, this that drop location, drop a opp music (Man)
This ain’t for them ni**as in the house, this sh*t for Glock users
And don’t talk down on trenches hoes who known to be a c*** user
This that pill talk, gotta bust his head, he cut on opp music
Who said you gang? (Who?)
Who said you could come around this bi**h and hang? (Who? Who?)
And I fu**ed your baby mama’ mama, and I ain’t say a thing (Shh)
They just came outside in 2020, pull up in that ’21
I pick my side, switches fully and I’ma die for 21 (Slaughter Gang)
I got plenty cars, I hit plenty stars and didn’t come
I said it plenty times, I pay for bodies, I ain’t pay for none
You think I’m finna leave my b***h for you? She f**k Future, too?
I know that Von hit her, she pulled up on my block in Jimmy Choo (Smurk)

Lil Durk’s verse on ‘Hot Sh*t’ (Genius.com)


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