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Day 7 Of Tory Lanez Trial Has “Most Shocking Moment” Yet!

In what “Hollywood writers couldn’t write,” day 7 of the State of California vs. Tory Lanez trial receives the “most shocking moment” the case has seen thus far.

Sean Kelly, a neighbor who witnessed Megan Thee Stallion’s 2020 alleged shooting, testified on Tuesday (December 20). According to the Instagram account @lawyerforworkers who detailed the day 7 of the trial, Kelly said “the most shocking thing that has come out in this case.”

According to the Instagram account @lawyerforworkers, who dubbed day 7 as “better than TV,” the SUV in which Tory, Megan, Kelsey and Megan’s bodyguard were all riding that infamous night was literally parked on the curb of the back of his house, Kelly testified. Over looking on his balcony for several minutes, Kelly stated he witnessed the following according to Instagram account @lawyerforworkers:

Day 7 Of Megan, Tory Trial Has "Most Shocking Moment" Yet!
Tory Lanez (YouTube)
  • Two females (presumably Meg and Kelsey) got out of the car and started fighting violently and aggressively which started with arguing that woke him up in the middle of the night
  • Larger man (presumably Meg’s bodyguard) intervenes and try’s to violently separate the two females
  • Eventually all four individuals were involved in what he calls an aggressive and violently fight
  • One female went back into the car
  • He saw a muzzle flash
  • A woman starts firing shots
  • A man gets involved with the woman who is shooting and more shots went off
  • The shorter man (presumably Tory Lanez) shot at least five times in the air

Then according to Instagram account @lawyerforworkers, “the most shocking” statement was said. “After the shots went off, one woman crawled further away. That the three people then went over there and beat her violently while she was on the ground. They picked her up. They looked like they were gonna drag her and throw her into the river. Instead they took her across the street and put her in the car and drove off,” said Moe Gangat in an Instagram post.

Up next on what will be day 8 of the Tory Trial, it appears Lanez may take the stand, a decision in which Tory’s team is thinking through. Apparently, the hesitation comes after the prosecution asked the Judge if Tory’s lyrics can be used against him. According to Gangat, the prosecution would like to talk about Tory’s Gun tattoo and all of his prior arrests.

“If he does, Judge Herriford says any lyrics or videos that relate to this case are fair game, which DA Alexander Bott says include Lanez’s music video in which he’s “butchering horse feet, clearly directed at Megan,” tweeted Law and Crime News’ senior reporter, Meghann Cuniff.

“They don’t really want to talk about the case anymore,” said Gangat in a IG post. “Now they want to put the man on trial. They want to talk about everything Tory Lanez has ever said and everything that Tory Lanez has ever did. Because if they can’t get you the fair way, the right way, they will get you any way they can. That’s what I saw in the courtroom.”


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