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Cardi B To Host WWE SummerSlam In Front Of Live Crowd

Cardi B’s dream of being in the WWE is coming true, as the Bronx native is set to host the 2021 SummerSlam event.

Although no official word has been made from the WWE, the leader in the sports entertainment teased Cardi’s involvement in this years SummerSlam. During Friday night SmackDown on May 28th, a commercial aired for the 2021 SummerSlam event with Cardi B’s “Up” single playing in the background.

It is no surprise that Cardi B will appear in the WWE, but it did take longer than expected. Dating back to early January of 2021, Cardi B found herself trending on Twitter along with the WWE. It all started on Monday Night Raw’s “Legends Night” when Cardi B was mentioned in a segment involving WWE Superstar Angel Garza. The backstage segment also involving Tori Wilson had the WWE former female superstar pranking Garza who was looking for someone to give his signature red rose.

Wilson suggested that Garza give his red rose to Cardi B who was “invited” to Raw and was in the next room. Of course that wasn’t the case and Garza found himself in a room with the Boogeyman.

This led to Cardi B trending on Twitter and tagged with WWE related content, leaving the WAP rapper confused. Hip Hop artist Wale who is also a huge WWE fan and appeared on WWE programming in the past, tagged Cardi letting her know it’s time for her debut. “They been waitin four. For like 3 years but today was specific .. pull up wit da mysterio mask and cut some promos . They ready for u sis.”

Still the longtime WWE fan, Cardi B was confused, but that was until a Twitter user tagged Cardi with the Garza segment and the Hip Hop artist was in total shock. “WWWWTTTTFFFFFFFFF …. This is not how my wwe debut was supposed to be ! Vince McMahon COUNT YOUR F’in DAYS !!!!” Ready for her Wrestlemania debut, Cardi tagged Wale with a fan made video.

Although Cardi B did not appear at this years Wrestlemania, but she will now make her mark at the hottest party of the year, SummerSlam. The event takes place on August 21st and is rumored to be taken place in Las Vegas.


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