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Billyracxx Releases New Single “Thunderstruck,” Album Coming Soon

Houston hip hop trailblazer, Billyracxx, releases new single “Thunderstruck,” new album set to featured NFT’s and how own Metaverse.

Billyracxx has been creating a buzz around his unique artistry over the past few years through a series of bold and creative projects. But at the core of these projects is what started it all for the Houston based talent: Music. His latest release, “Thunderstruck”, is the first single from his upcoming album, Cult Leader Saga, due later this Summer.

Billyracxx Releases New Single “Thunderstruck," Album Coming Soon

Cult Leader is not only the name of his upcoming album, but also Billyracxx’s moniker in a web2/web3 community that he’s built from the ground up. The community is centered around Billy’s own Metaverse creation, Utopia, that includes a few thousand Creatures, the name given to the NFT avatars that his fans and followers have adopted over the last year. Judging by the fact that all 2,222 Creature NFTs were sold in the first 2 days, generating just under $300k, Billyracxx has something extraordinary going on.

Cult Leader Saga is me embracing my identity. I paint this picture the way I do because I want to be remembered.” 

– Billyracxx

Billy will be a part of the upcoming NFT.NYC Event kicking off on June 21 in Manhattan. In addition to showcasing some of his new Creatures and updates to his Utopia Metaverse, he will be performing brand new songs from the upcoming album for the first time.


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