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Billyracxx Readies Second Creatures NFT Drop, New Album Release

Houston rapper and web3 pioneer, BIllyracxx, is set to release his second creatures NFT drop alongside a new album release.

BIllyracxx, is paving his own way through the music landscape and into his own metaverse reality. With a legion of faithful followers by his side, it’s no wonder that he goes by the moniker: Cult Leader. If you want to see what the new music business may look like in the future, get on board, forget what you know, and spend some time with this young visionary.

Creatures, the name of the NFT characters that Billyracxx first introduced last year in a music video, are a collection of unique generative PFP avatars that unlock an immersive music and metaverse experience. By entering into the Cult Leader community, these Creatures activate special content, collectibles, as well as digital and physical experiences.

The collection currently consists of 2,222 Creatures, which sold out in four days after minting. These NFT sales generated close to $300k and set the stage for the next Creatures Drop, which is coming later this May, 2022. This will include an additional 5,508 new Creatures, and will be released on the Ethereum blockchain.

New to this drop will be the introduction of Clone Pods, which allows current Creatures to generate a whole new creature on the Ethereum chain. Additionally, Creatures can access exclusive games and a first of its kind NFT Remixing Tool, where fans can use stems from Billyracxx’s new album to create their own songs.

Tied into each Creature NFT will be a copy of the new album, Cult Leader Saga, tentatively planned for a June 25th release. For those fans who are not quite ready to dive into the Metaverse, the album will be available on all streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. The album’s first single, “Thunder”, streets on June 10th along with an accompanying music video.

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Whoever said joining a cult is a bad thing never met Billyracxx. So what are you waiting for? Join the Cult, follow the Leader and step into the Creatures Metaverse before you get left behind.


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