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6ix9ine, YSL Mondo Heated Convo Over Gunna On Akademiks Live!

6ix9ine and YSL Mondo get into a heated conversation involving snitching and Gunna on Akademik’s live stream.

Last year 28 members of YSL were arrested and indicted in connection to alleged RICO activities. Those arrested also included high profile artists such as Young Thug and Gunna. While YSL Mondo is the founder of YSL, the young up and coming rapper was not part of the 28 arrested.

As many have accepted plea deals before the case has gone to trial, YSL Mondo has been very vocal when it comes to any type of “snitching” in exchange for freedom. After seemingly addressing Gunna accepting a plea deal which granted his release from prison to then proclaiming “Gunna back!” on Instagram, YSL Mondo continues to explain his thoughts on Gunna through various interviews.

YSL Mondo
YSL Mondo (Instagram)

Up next was a live stream with Akademiks where the rapper does not support Gunna’s decision. “It ain’t no hatred towards him when it’s coming from me,” said Mondo. “Anybody in the streets with common sense or even with just a little streets sense knows that certain things you just don’t do. Certain s*** ain’t just right. That’s all I’m a say on my behalf. That’s how I’m coming and I’m standing on that.”

YSL Mondo did not rule out the possibility of having a sit down with Gunna to get to the bottom of his decision to accept a plea deal. “Like I always said I have respect for him and everybody else around him. The boys have always been good genuine people,” explained Mondo on Akademik’s Friday night (January 27) live stream. “But once you do certain s***, how can you come back from it.”

Mondo reiterated that not everyone’s plea deals are the same, citing that Gunna’s plea consisted of him saying YSL is a gang and also seemingly snitching on Young Thug when asked about an incident involving a gun when the two artists were in a car. Gunna’s plea has the rapper stating the firearm was not his.

Chiming into the conversation was 6ix9ine who was called by Akademiks. With YSL Mondo on the live stream, the convo quickly became heated after 6ix9ine insulted YSL Mondo’s manhood. Mondo was not interested in talking with Tekashi and stated the rapper overly ratted his entire team and is overly proud of being a “rat.”

Listen to the live below!


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