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6ix9ine Travels To New York With $1 Million, Drops Addy

Coming home was 6ix9ine who had no problem in dropping his landing location as he carried $1 million on a private jet to New York.

Tekashi 69 has been relatively quiet starting off the new year. Perhaps it’s because the Brooklyn rapper appears to be switching gears and focusing on his live streaming. 6ix9ine is currently sharing his live streams on Rumble, who pride themselves as a platform that aims to protect a free and open internet, while believing in authentic expression.

Part of his trip to New York involved linking with his good friend Akademiks, where 6ix9ine appeared to be getting more free lessons on live streaming. Four weeks ago, Akademiks gave 6ix9ine a live stream tutorial, but it looks like 69 needs more help from Big Ak.

6ix9ine Travels To New York With $1 Million, Drops Addy

“On my way to New York. I got a million dollars on me and on my mother I’m by myself here’s what the jet lady texted me I copy and pasted it Arriving: 6:45PM Airport: signature flight
1 Airport Rd, Morristown, NJ 07960,” wrote 6ix9ine in his caption late Sunday afternoon. “Well I’m with the kid who recorded this video but he’s like 5’4 140 solid I swear.”

Akademiks and others commented on 69’s IG post, stating it was not a good idea for hip hop’s top villain to drop his location. But, of course 6ix9ine was once again trolling.

Over the weekend, Tekashi 69 had already landed in New York as he stated during a phone call with Akademiks on Ak’s live stream. “You know I’m in New York right? I just landed. I’m a come to your house tomorrow,” said 6ix9ine in the clip uploaded Saturday (January 14). “I’m coming to your house. I wanna do a stream. I’m a do one hour on your s*** and then we switch over to Rumble.”

Tekashi, as seen in the video shared on Akademiks Instagram account, is seen with a million dollars on a jet headed to New York. Although the rapper said he was on his way to NY, he was clearly already in the Big Apple.


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