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This Brooklyn Rapper “Confronted” Suge Knight Over Radio Diss

Appearing on Cam Capone News, former Death Row records affiliate Spider Loc detailed the night Brooklyn rapper Fabolous “confronted” Suge Knight.

During the days of Tha Row, formerly known as Death Row records, Compton rapper Spider Loc was rolling with Suge Knight. Although Loc never officially signed with Tha Row, he spent to years of his early career with the L.A. based label.

As Spider Loc recalled his times with Suge Knight, the rapper and actor detailed the time where a Brooklyn rapper confronted Suge Knight at the House of Blues. But what originally had promoted this “confrontation” was Knight dissing the Brooklyn rapper on his hometown radio station.

“I recall when Suge first got out, he was in New York — I wasn’t with him — but he went on Hot 97 and said, ‘The new Row, we looking for these type of artists — street ni**as, cool thug ni**as, not no Fabolous-type ni**as.’ He made a statement to that effect,” he said. Not many believe it was Hot 97, but perhaps rather Power 105.1, in which Suge Knight dissed Fab.

This Brooklyn Rapper "Confronted" Suge Knight Over Radio Diss
Spider Loc (Cam Capone News)

“Shortly thereafter, we was outside the House of Blues trying to get in to a Def Jam party, and they had strict orders not to let Suge in. Suge was trying to push this line to get in, but they had the Sheriff standing right there kinda deep like, ‘Aight, try if you want to.’”

At his particular moment, Brooklyn rapper Fabolous pulled up in a Benz and decided he wanted to chop it up with Knight. Fabolous pulled up in a little two-seater Benz and called Suge over. Suge went to lean in the window — I’m mobbed up with him — and then Fabolous got at him like, ‘Man, what’s up with that sh*t you was saying on the radio?’”

It appeared that Suge Knight’s image had taken a hit. In the early and mid nineties Suge Knight was label as the number one feared man in the music industry. Loc did note that Fab was not hostile in his approach to Suge Knight, but was surprised by Knight’s overall reaction.

“And based on what Suge said and who I thought Suge was, I was surprised to hear him say, ‘Oh, you know it ain’t like that, we ain’t talkin’ ’bout ni**as like you,” Loc recalled. “He ain’t go super barky-barky on Suge, but he got at him like a man, he brought it up and Suge turned it into a laughy, jokey, play-y, ‘I didn’t mean it like that’ situation. I was kinda shocked and impressed to see that Fabolous stood on that position at that type of time with Suge.”

After the interview clip went viral thanks to Instagram account HipHopWolf, Fab decided to provide clarification. “No cap i ain’t confront him [crying laughing emojis],” wrote the rapper. “We did speak about it tho. But in a man to man convo. & FYI He was at House of Blues in LA wit 50 n*****. it was no confronting SUGE in that era/time [crying laughing emojis],” Fab commented on the IG post.


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