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Pusha-T Responds As Twitter Instigates Beef With Eminem

Appearing on The Morning Hustle promoting his ‘It’s Almost Dry’ album, Pusha-T addresses Twitter pining him against Eminem.

Pusha-T continues to build such a rep as one of the top lyricists in the game today, to the point where he feels he can go toe-to-toe with anyone. Although Pusha was asked if there was any rapper he knew he would dominate lyrically, but let it slide, the rapper decided not to name drop. Instead, Pusha-T spoke about Twitter users trying to pin himself against Eminem.

“I saw just recently on Twitter people saying myself and Eminem. I’m like, bro! It was a misinterpretation of something I don’t even remember. Something I said or whatever. But you know, people decode, and they have their own thing — and I was like, ‘Nah, man!”

Eminem (Walk on Water music video)

Pusha went on to praise Eminem. “Em is somebody that I respect. He’s one of them people that I really like what he does because, after all of his success, I can still find Lyricist Lounge Eminem [Eminem appeared on Lyricist Lounge in 1998]. That’s a goal for me, personally.”

This wouldn’t be the first time, Pusha spoke about Slim Shady. Back in 2013, Pusha-T appeared on VLAD TV where he was asked about Lord Jamar’s comments about white rappers being “guests” in the house of hip hop. Pusha agreed that hip hop is a black artform, but doesn’t feel Eminem should be mistreated.

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“Hip hop is a black artform,” Pusha-T said. “At the same time I believe hip hop is an open artform and we open it up to everybody to be as great as they can be. That’s what we look for in hip hop. I look forward personally to my Eminem album and my Eminem video and the controversy it is going to bring.”


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