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Akademiks Explains Why He Signed With Rumble

Expanding a growing roster of top media influencers, Rumble adds DJ Akademiks to its exclusive live streams.

Akademiks goes live for the first time on Rumble and explains why he joined the live streaming platform who’s mission is “to protect a free and open internet.”

Rumble, the video-sharing platform, announced today that the popular media personality DJ Akademiks will livestream exclusively on Rumble three to five days a week. Known for his authentic voice, DJ Akademiks is a powerful culture and entertainment influencer with 5.2 million Instagram followers and 2.76 million YouTube subscribers.

The Jamaican-American podcaster will cover the latest news in hip-hop music along with a satirical take on top headlines. “I look forward to being one of the first to bring music and cultural conversations to a platform like Rumble,” said DJ Akademiks. “There have been many bad decisions at larger platforms where they haven’t put creators first and they are disconnected to the community. I feel now is an inflection point for streaming platforms. I couldn’t be more excited to lead this effort on a platform that puts creators first.”

Akademiks (Rumble)
Akademiks (Rumble)

“Akademiks is one of the most influential personalities in the hip hop and cultural world,” said Rumble Chairman and CEO Chris Pavlovski. “Having him on Rumble sends a big statement to the other platforms on how serious we are in getting into different channels of content, from sports to music to culture.”

“It gave me the opportunity to be part of a platform that would be fully in support of what we wanted to built. Which is community. Give us a fair shake and also a place where we can call home,” said Akademiks on his very first live stream on Rumble Tuesday night (April 11) a day after the announcement.

Akademiks recent ban from Twitch and YouTube strike could have played into Rumble factoring into Ak’s streaming plans. “The CEO, I will have a direct connection with him. He is going to be supporting our content and we can build our community here. Not that it’s completely cut off from other places, but a place will support us like we will support it,” Ak said then touching on his recent issues with other platforms. “Something happens you get a strike, no one talks to you. No one cares. It’s like you are literally s*** beneath their feet.”


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