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6ix9ine Challenges Lil Durk To Boxing Match In Dubai

The long heated beef between 6ix9ine and Lil Durk enters a new chapter as Tekashi challenges the Chicago rapper to a boxing match.

On the heels of releasing his latest project entitled Almost Healed, Lil Durk shares a DM convo with Tekashi 69. The two rappers have been at odds for quite some time and it appears we may one day see the two box out their differences on TV.

“Stop the violence put the guns down big man! 50million of my own money to box in Dubai safely, let’s go Migo – September? @gervontaa walk me out 🏆🤲🏾,” wrote Durk in his IG caption Thursday night (May 11).

Lil Durk is referring to his DM conversation with 6ix9ine where the Brooklyn rapper challenged him to a boxing match. “I don’t want you hurt or dead you a kid from the burbs. I got 50 million my own money without help to fight you on TV in Dubai,” Tekashi wrote. “We can double the money 3 rounds…. go talk to your rich friends lets set it up September – stop the violence. lol”

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Will 6ix9ine and Lil Durk Box in Dubai?

Responding back was Lil Durk claiming 6ix9ine was in need of attention to generate sales for his upcoming project. Tekashi 69 is currently set to release a Latin album which he is obligated to do so after he was paid $3 million back in 2020. Despite Lil Durk’s claims, Tekashi 69 has done fairly well with his recent Latin singles (WAPAE and Bori). The rapper has also been well received within the Latin community.

“But I wanna fight you for no money. For Free,” wrote Durk in his reply. “Come To Miami. Let’s get a hotel room and just throw down 1 on 1.”

Tekashi 69 declined the hotel offer and ensured he is not doing this for album sales. “Aw nah, I’m cool. Enjoy your day… I’m not worries about sells. I just wanted to bear your a** for some money.”


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