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Yung Joc Gives Hilarious Advice To Scottie Pippen Over Larsa

Yung Joc has come to the rescue with advice for Scottie Pippen over his ex-wife Larsa Pippen’s headline making actions.

After divorcing from her twenty-four year marriage in 2021 with former NBA player Scottie Pippen, Larsa Pippen hooked up with Marcus Jordan. If dating Scottie’s former player’s son wasn’t bad enough, given the fallout out that Scottie and Jordan had after winning championships together, Larsa continues to add salt to the wound.

Appearing in various interviews, Larsa appears to somehow drag her ex-husband Scottie into the mix. Co-starring on Real Housewives of Miami, Larsa stated that she and Scottie “always had sex like four times a night.”

Larsa Pippen (Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen)
Larsa Pippen (Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen)

Larsa recently also claimed she would take on Marcus’ last name if the two married, renaming herself as Larsa Pippen-Jordan. Ouch.

But according to Yung Joc all can be fixed as he gave Scottie Pippen man-to-man advice that comes in the form of an apology letter to his ex-wife.

“Scottie, I don’t know what you did to Larsa, but you need to call Tasha K and find out how to write these I’m sorry letters. Larsa, I’m sorry, please. You is f***ing up a player’s legacy out here. You over here talking about you f*** four times a night for 20 something… Larsa pleaseeeeee,” suggested Yung Joc on VLAD TV.

He added, “I’m so happy for you and Marcus Jordan. I think y’all make the best couple I’ve ever seen. Just please get off platforms talking about us. My family keep calling talking about look at this b****. I’m sick of it. Sincerely Scottie.”

Pippen has responded much about his ex-wife other than back in November 2021 during an interview with GQ Magazine, he was asked if Larsa’s various public affairs bothered him at all. “I think the relationship was already over,” he said. “I think the press caught the end of it and was able to try and plug it together. The press bothers you a lot … but do it really bother me? No. That’s what they do. They create ‘press.’”


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