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Yukmouth Recalls Night Faith Evans Disguised In Tupac’s Hotel Room

Appearing on Cam Capone News, Yukmouth recalled the time he was told by Dru Down that Faith Evans was secretly in Tupac Shakur’s hotel room.

Although Yukmouth had a personal and business relationship with Digital Underground, he and Tupac had yet to meet. In fact, when the Luniz dropped “I Got 5 On It” remix which featured Shock G of DU, Tupac was unable to take part as he was in prison. Finally in 1996, Tupac and Yukmouth connected.

During his interview with Cam Capone News, Yukmouth recalls the time Oakland rapper Dru Down spotted Faith Evans at Tupac’s hotel room. “Dru Down I guess was at the same hotel ‘Pac was staying at,” Yukmouth recalls. “That’s when allegedly the night when Faith came over to the room and Dru Down was in the room when she came up. ‘Pac was like, ‘Watch and see who I got. You ain’t gon’ believe who’s coming’, something like that. ‘Answer the door’. So Dru answered the door and it was Faith.”

For years many have wondered if indeed Tupac slept with Faith Evans. Shakur made the claim kicking off the classic “Hit ‘Em up” diss record aimed at Biggie and the Bad Boy camp. For Dru Down there was nothing to speculate. Speaking to Smoke-A-Lot Radio, he would detail the time he saw Faith Evans going into Tupac’s hotel room disguised.


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As told by Dru Down, he and Tupac were drinking champagne as they awaited Tupac’s special female guest. Shakur ensured Dru Down he wouldn’t believe who was stopping by. Moments later there was a knock on the door and Tupac quickly ran through furniture and all to answer the door. According to Dru Down, it was a female covered in a black hoodie at the door.

“The (female) looked like a grim reaper,” the rapper recalls jokingly on Smoke-A-Lot Radio. “The (female) looked at me so fast and said, ‘Hey Dru Down’. And I looked and I was like who the (hell) is this?” To Dru’s surprise it was Faith Evans, the same Faith Evans he had just seen days ago with Biggie Smalls at the Roxbury.

Watch the interview below where Yukmouth also speaks about being upset with Tupac.


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