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Young Thug’s Sister Unfollows Gunna And Slimelife Shawty

Young Thug’s sister, HiDoraah, unfollows Gunna and Slimelife Shawty as confusion between YSL artists continues ahead of YSL RICO case trial.

If Gunna’s Instagram post on Tuesday night (January 10) was his way to “test the waters,” the ‘Pushin P’ rapper was hit with more criticism than he bargained for. Gunna broke his silence on Instagram when he shared a photo of himself claiming he was back and in full support of Young Thug.

“N***** acting like they switching to a side But it’s only one side . #YslTheLabel #FreeThug&Yak GUNNA BACC!!!!!,” wrote Gunna in the caption. The 29-year-old rapper would also send a tweet as he reminisced about the late Lil Keed. “R.I.P KEED ILY & IMY TWIN 😢🕊️.”

It had appeared all was good with YSL and its artists, but just as the Young Thug YSL RICO case unfolds, expect the unexpected. Gunna’s first post since his release from prison after accepting a plea deal, was met with various IG Stories from both Lil Gotit and Young Thug’s brother. Unfoonk.

“N***** need to stop that cap” and “Don’t call me twin,” wrote Lil Gotit on separate IG Stories Tuesday night (January 10). Unfoonk appeared to have also expressed his thoughts on Gunna’s IG post by sending out this message via his own IG Story, “All dat internet s*** not P, Im being humble with u n*****.”

Lil Gotit went on to unfollow Gunna and it appears another YSL artist has done the same. HiDoraah, Young Thug’s sister, has also unfollowed Gunna and Slimelife Shawty. Back in December Slimelife Shawty also accepted a plea deal in return for his freedom and quickly responded to any snitch allegations.

“Yea I’m home, ain have to snitch to get here d***head. I admitted you slime life was a gang cus it ain’t illegal for no group to be a gang look it up that don’t hurt nobody anybody can be a gang, plus the founder already admitted it stupid,” Slimelife said on his IG Story. “What I pose to say if a founder admitted it. What I den do was say Yes it’s a fact people in ysl commit crimes like murder and ect cus ion no nun bout that.”

Clearly there is a division amongst the YSL artists. Initially Young Thug’s other sister, Dolly White, had appeared to defend Gunna’s decision in accepting a plea deal.

“Can y’all please stop saying that people ratted, and people this-and-that?” White said at the time. “It’s not making anybody better, it’s not making nothing good, bro. Nothing that’s going on is…helping my brother. So can y’all please stop that? Can y’all please stop? If y’all love Gunna, then y’all give him support. Like, what the f*** y’all over there doing? Y’all tripping.”

“I haven’t posted him because I was just told that nobody really supposed to have communications with each other right now,” she added. “So I don’t want to mess up his s***, so why would I just and post it?”

Lil Duke had also accepted a plea deal with Slimelife Shawty. Thug’s sister HiDoraah continues to follow Duke on Instagram.

Along with the unfollow of Gunna, HiDoraah also seemingly called Gunna a snitch by sharing his ‘Life of Sin,’ record on her IG Story where Nechie who is featured is heard rapping, “I seen it, you n***** act hard, but straight foe / Hangin’ with that boy, knowing he straight told (Knowing he straight rat).”


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