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Young Thug’s Lyrics Could Impact Case As 8th YSL Member Accepts Plea Deal

The eighth YSL member to accept a plea deal could impact Young Thug’s case significantly, as lyrics could be used against the rapper.

Three more co-defendants were offered plea deals on Thursday (December 29) with only one accepting a deal. As stated previously (View: Taking It To Trial! Judge Shocked After 2 YSL Members Reject Plea Deals) both Tenquarius Mender aka ‘Nard’ and Derontae Bebee aka ‘Be’ rejected plea deals. Mender and Babee will be facing the maximum sentence if found guilty.

Trontavious Stephens on the other hand accepted his plea deal. Stephens was facing 5-20 years on the racketeering count. Instead Stephens was freed and received 10 years, with 2 yrs time served & remaining 8 yrs on probation.

Young Thug's Lyrics Could Impact Case As 8th YSL Member Accepts Plea Deal
Trontavious Stephens (Law & Crime Network)

As reported by Cathy Russon, Executive Producer at Law & Crime Network, Stephens agreed to testify truthfully at trial and can’t assert 5th. He admitted YSL is a gang and that he is one of the founding members. He also stated YSL changed name from Young Slime Life to Young Successful Lifestyle after Jeffrey Williams aka Young Thug signed a record deal.

As seen in the video below, Stephens also admitted to his involvement in a robbery and referenced Young Thug’s lyrics. “You acknowledge that you have been accused of being arrested for robbing women. You acknowledge that you are the same person referred to as Tick in the song by Young Thug entitled You in the verse, ‘She getting robbed by Tick,'” said a prosecutor reading Stephens plea deal as he acknowledged.

According to Russon, Stephens also acknowledged a group chat involving Young Thug. “More on plea: Stephens acknowledges that in a group chat with Jeffery Williams aka #YoungThug, Williams asked, “Y’all ain’t beat him up or shot him yet?” Then Williams states, “Y’all gettin’ soft.” Stephens also acknowledges two gas stations where YSL associates sell drugs,” Russon tweeted.

As of this writing it is unknown whether or not Young Thug’s lyrics will be used against him. As stated by Russon the decision is currently on hold. “There are still outstanding motions about using the song lyrics in #YoungThug trial. The motion was supposed to be heard today but since defendant Nichols was too sick, it was cancelled. Unknown when that will be argued. Jury selection starts Wednesday.”


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