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Xzibit On Napoleon’s POD MU2Q Talks Tupac “Beef,” Makaveli Album Diss

Xzibit appeared on POD MU2Q where he spoke about the “beef” between himself and Tupac Shakur.

The misunderstanding between Xzibit and Tupac stems from two songs, “How Do U Want It” and “Paparazzi.” Tupac’s hit single “How Do U Want It” was released on his Death Row records debut album, “All Eyez On Me“, which dropped in February of 1996. On the song Tupac rapped, “All I want is money, f–k the fame, I’m a simple man.” Xzibit later that year in May released his single “Paparazzi.” On the single Xzibit rapped, “Only for the money and the fame, It’s a shame, n—as in the rap game.” That particular bar did not sit well with Tupac.

According to Xzibit, the song was completed prior to Tupac releasing the “All Eyez On Me” album and had nothing to do with Tupac. “You know we was on the underground rap. We was battle rapping,” Xzibit explained. “We wasn’t talking about Tupac. You don’t talk about Tupac. We all from the same team.”

“So, I saw Tupac one time. He was in a white convertible Bentley or Rolls-Royce, one of those. And he pulled up in front of the House of Blues,” Xzibit recalled as he expected Tupac to come at him aggressively. “He shook my hand. He’s like, ‘Yo, I’m getting done. I see ya’ll inside.'” Xzibit still was adamant of making sure Tupac knew that particular bar on “Paparazzi” was not aimed at him. “I felt like I had so much respect for Tupac. I had so much respect for his craft. So much for his intensity. So much for his direction and his real connection with the culture, how people loved him.”

Xzibit Diss On Tupac’s Makaveli Album

Unfortunately for Xzibit, he was never able to speak with Tupac that very same night or after about the so called diss. Tupac would then pass away and the iconic Makaveli album was released. After listening to the “The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory” album, Xzibit was shocked to hear E.D.I. Mean dissed him.

“Got a little question for that n—a that made “Paparazzi”, If you ain’t in this rap game, for the motherf—in cash mayne, Then what is your motherf—in purpose?”

– E.D.I. Mean, Bomb First

“I personally took a shot at Xzibit verbally in response to his record “Paparazzi.” Because at the time, he had a line in that song,” E.D.I. said to VIBE. “Pac took offense to that and he felt like he might have been directing the shot at him subliminally. So, he commissioned me personally to handle that, as far as verbally, and that’s what I did on “Bomb First.” Not too long after Pac passed away, me and Xzibit crossed paths and we had a conversation about it. He was like, “Yo, that sh-t was definitely not aimed at Pac. I was a Pac fan.” E.D.I. also noted that Tupac was a fan of the song “Paparazzi.” In fact, ‘Pac had Xzibit on his “radar” when it came to new upcoming artists.

One Nation

“Its better late then never. So, when me and E.D.I. started talking about it and got the clarification, we start hanging out. He comes to the studio. He sees where I’m at, we did a song together and here we are. Everything happens in due time,” Xzibit said on POD MU2Q. The two artists came together for the lead single “One Nation” (Listen here) off the Outlawz “One Nation” album.

“When we were starting on the One Nation project, I just said, “Yo, wouldn’t it be dope that me and him did a record, considering our history?” And when I reached out to him and sent him the song, he was more than willing to get on it. He got on it, bodied his verse, sent it back to me ASAP and here we are,” E.D.I. said to VIBE.


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