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Xzibit Aims For Unification With New Single “One Nation”

Hip Hop veteran Xzibit is back with new music as he releases “One Nation” along with E.D.I. Mean.

On the new single, Xzibit provides words of encouragement. “How much time do you have?, Are you ready to work? / Can’t be hustling backwards, Losing it, making it worst,” raps the Detroit native. Dont get it twisted, Xzibit isn’t just rapping about it. Earlier this year, Xzibit linked up with Snoop Dogg to engage in a constructive conversation with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. One of the topics at hand was criminal justice reform.

During this rare opportunity, Xzibit stated it was important for officers to hold each other accountable. “We usually don’t get to have this kind of honest dialogue,” Xzibit explained. “Where can we start the dialogue to be like okay, we can tell ours and we can get movement from our people but when is it going to be something where the good cops become vocal about the bad cops and then police themselves in that manner?”

The “One Nation” single is due to appear on the Outlawz final studio album. The group formed by Tupac Shakur consisted of family and close friends from New York to Jersey. Although the group has lost members who tragically passed away and others choosing to move away from the music industry, Young Noble and E.D.I. have remained on their grind for 25 plus years.

Titled “One Nation” in honor of Tupac Shakur’s original blueprint of an East Coast West Coast compilation album, this Outlawz final album will not feature the hip hop icon. In fact, despite rumors, the album will not feature any songs originally recorded for Tupac’s “One Nation” album.

Xzibit is also looking to drop a new project this year with “King Makers” his 8th studio album. No word yet if the new single “One Nation” will make the album.


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