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What Drake Did For Nicki Minaj That No One Else Could

After fans were expecting a collaboration between Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, the Queen surprised everyone with a new song with Drake and Lil Wayne. But it was how we even got to this point that has Nicki so thankful for Drake.

On Friday, March 14th, Nicki Minaj re-released her “Beam Me Up Scotty” mixtape celebrating its 12-year anniversary. The tape features three brand new songs. Prior to dropping the tape, Minaj appeared on IG live to break the news as nearly 1 million viewers tuned in. “Thank you so much for fkn w|me on live yall. #BeamMeUpScotty out now. #SeeingGreen with DRAKE & LIL WAYNE out NOW! #Fractions is out NOW! #CrocodileTeethREMIX out NOW! LOVE YOU,” she tweeted.

During the live session Drake would also tune in and was asked to join the live by Nicki. According to Nicki, she went through writers block and credit Drake for helping her to come back to form. “I went through this crazy little writer’s block for a second. If you’re any artist, no matter what you do, you know how crazy it is when all of a sudden you can’t really flex your art the way you use to,” Nicki said on the live. “I hit Drake and I asked him, ‘I’m doing this mixtape. Who got the hottest sh-t out right now. Who should I jump on?’ And he was like here and he send me something.”

That something was “Seeing Green” which features Drake and Lil Wayne. Instantly Minaj’s writer’s block was no more and she was fully inspired. Nicki would ask drake what made him send her that song. For Drake it was a no brainer as he feels she is what the game is missing. Minaji thanked Drake for encouraging her musically and personally. “Whenever I hear Drake and Wayne rap, it will always inspire something in me. But, outside of Drake’s raps its his pep talks.”

It appears more is on the way from the rap trio. Ending the live stream, Drake did not want to give away too much but did mention he was stopping by Nicki’s home and stating that “You know what time it is”.


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