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Watch New “Can U Dig That?” Video, Snoop Dogg and DJ Premier

After releasing the single a few weeks ago, DJ Premier and Snoop Dogg have now released the video for “Can U Dig That?,” which is now available.

What’s more Hip-Hop than DJ Premier and Snoop Dogg. Premier is unquestionably one of the greatest producers of all time, and Snoop Dogg is arguably the most famous rapper ever.

Snoop Dogg and DJ Premier

Though Premier and Snoop have worked together previously; Snoop appeared on Gang Starr’s The Ownerz Album (“In The Life…”), Premier produced two songs on Snoop’s Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss album (one of which he discussed on his influential “So Wassup” series), “Unfucwitable” feat The Lady Of Rage from Snoop’s Doggy Style Allstars Vol. 1, “Can U Dig That?” is their first collaboration under DJ Premier and Ian Schwartzman’s independent imprint TTT.

“Can U Dig That?” offers all that you love from Preem and Snoop, with a pulsating lo-fi production and patented scratch chorus from Premier, which amplifies Snoop’s stream-of-consciousness raps.

“The lights, the glimmer
Shooting stars and beautiful women (Wow)
Dice games and dominoes
Presidential Obama flows (Flows)
Rivers drip with tadpoles (What?)
Night clubs with bad hoes (Ooh)
Neighborhoods with liquor stores
And foes and baggy clothes
I gotta get this dope sold (Yeah, what?)
Bang, bang the lifestyle (Bang)
Too bright, we might turn your lights down
Cut off your water
Put him on the set just for startеrs (What up, cuz?)
Enjoy the trip, blaze up a spliff, ride down thе strip (Ayy, what up, ni***?)
Get you some Hen or get you some juice and mix it with gin
Send flicks to the pen,” – Snoop Dogg


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