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Watch NBA YoungBoy’s Mother Rap On “Shakeback Performance”

NBA YoungBoy’s mother shows off her rap skills with a one-minute plus “Shakeback Performance.”

Sherhonda Gaulden, mother of NBA YoungBoy, also has a message to the haters as she releases “Shakeback Performance.” In conjunction with StayDown Productions, Gaulden is clearly not done rapping after appearing on her son’s 2020 hit “Bout My Business.”

“He say I’m ugly and he call me a freak but he eat my p***y six days a the week,” rapped the 48-year old. The video has made its way around all social media platforms, with support from YoungBoy’s fanbase.

The unexpected “Shakeback Performance” comes a day after YoungBoy released his latest single “Hi Haters.” Like his mother, YoungBoy addressed his haters. “See, all y’all used to love me. Now, nobody love me. I think y’all forgot, I ain’t never not got no bi***es anyway. So, what the problem is? Ni**as wanna talk about my nails. I done f***d them up now,” rapped YoungBoy addressing those who criticized him for painting his nails.

NBA YoungBoy's Mother Rap On "Shakeback Performance"
Sherhonda Gaulden (YouTube)

Ironically this might be the last time you hear YoungBoy and his mother rap for a while. It appears YoungBoy is taking time for himself and family as he stated on an IG video Wednesday (November 23). “I done found time for myself,” he said. “Every $15 million tour come my way getting turned down. I don’t wanna do another show. I don’t want nothing but a bigger house. It gave me time for myself. My daughter know who I am – I know who I am.”

The Baton Rouge rapper also admitted he might not release new music anytime soon. The rapper who has released a ton of music this year stated he is running out of lyrics.

Source: HipHopDX , HotNewHipHop


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