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Watch Ice Spice Feat. Nicki Minaj On “Princess Diana” Remix

Watch the official music video for “Princess Diana” remix as Ice Spice features Nicki Minaj.

Rumors of Nicki Minaj signing Ice Spice might have taken new life as Billboard’s top 10 rapper of all time, links with Spice for “Priciness Diana” Remix.

Nicki hasn’t shied away from showing love to the 23-year-old rapper out of the Bronx. When Spice appeared on the cover of Dazed magazine, Nicki took to social media writing “GAG!! ‘The people’s PRINCESS.’ Catch it!!!” Spice then quote-tweeted the post, adding, “Ya heard da QUEEN.”

Ice spice
Ice Spice

The barbz were also quick to point out that Spice new single appears to be co-distributed by Nicki’s new label. Minaj did not confirm, but did drop a 🤭 emoji as a reply.

And I just fell in love with a gangsta (Like)
So he put my name in a tat’
But I don’t let him come to the crib (Grrah)
So we get it on where we at (Grrah)
Nowadays, I be duckin’ them cameras
And they hype that I’m up on them banners
Callin’ my phone, but they know I don’t answer (Why?)
In the hood I’m like Princess Diana (Grrah)
I’m thick ’cause I be eatin’ oats (Huh)
B****** not takin’ shit from me but notes
Wanna be me, so she do my emotes
And my name in her mouth so I bet she gon’ choke (Bitch)
To her man, I’m the girl of his dreams
Thinkin’ ’bout me when he brushin’ his teeth
He keep textin’, I leave him on seen
Hottest b**** out and they know what I mean (Know what I mean)

– Ice Spice, Princess Diana remix


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