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WAPAE Music Video Shot In Africa, Dominican Republic By 6ix9ine

WAPAE music video is upon us as 6ix9ine shoots the official video in Africa and in the Dominican Republic for his next big Latin hit.

Tekashi 69 is pulling out all the stops for his WAPAE music video. The rapper was recently in Africa and the Dominican Republic shooting his new video. Tekashi has also taken on the role as video editor as he heads back home with intentions of releasing the video on Saturday April 15th.

Not being able to travel with a camera crew did not stop the Brooklyn rapper. Prior to leaving Miami, Tekashi purchased a DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Stabilizer at Best Buy. “I’m about to record this video. I’m in Best Buy. I just bought the DJI Osmo Mobile 6 just in case this doesn’t work out in Africa, I could use this mobile stabilizer to shoot the whole music video on iPhone,” said Tekashi 69 in a video posted on his IG on April 10th.

Tekashi 69 and Angel Dior
Tekashi 69 and Angel Dior (@jk_events__rd)

The rapper then made his way to Africa and linked with the talented Uganda kids dancing group Hypers Kids Africa. Up next was DR where 6ix9ine connected with Angel Dior, DR’s hottest current dembow artist. Dior will also make a guest cameo appearance in the WAPAE music video.

WAPAE will follow Tekashi’s successful Latin single Bori. The single featuring Cuban artist Lenier, was released a week after 69 suffered an attack at LA Fitness. What could have been a setback for many, Tekashi 69 flipped the script and now appears stronger than ever.

While the rapper is making a strong push into the Latin music scene, according to Akademiks, Tekashi is also preparing his comeback to hip hop.


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