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Wack 100’s Initial Negative Response To The Game’s Eminem Diss

Sitting down with Adam 22’s No Jumper, Wack 100 reveals why he was not a fan when he first heard The Game’s Eminem diss record.

Although Wack 100 says he had no part in The Game’s decision to drop the Eminem diss record “The Black Slim Shady,” Game’s manager did influence the length of the song. “That’s 100 percent Game, nobody can take credit for that,” Wack said as he also credited The Game for the beat and structure of the song. But, Wack’s initial response to the diss song only fueled the Compton rapper.

According to Wack 100, ‘The Black Slim Shady’ was originally seven minutes long. “I was against it. It was seven minutes long,” Wack 100 explains. “I come to the studio, they play it. I’m like that sh*t is seven minutes, what the f**k is you doing. The Game says, ‘Too long?’ I said, ‘Yeah too long. You’re tripping. Streaming. He’s like, ‘Aight come back in a couple of hours, I’ll fix it.’ So, I came back in a couple of hours, he played it. Seven minutes went to ten minutes. He said, ‘You still think its too long?’ I said, ‘Nah its perfect, point proven, I’m shutting the f**k up.'”

Wack 100's Initial Negative Response To The Game's Eminem Diss
Eminem (YouTube)

Months leading up to the release of The Game’s 10th studio album, the Compton native continued to throw shots at the real slim shady. Back in March, The Game appeared on Drink Champs where he challenged Eminem to a Verzuz and proclaimed he was better than Slim Shady. “Eminem, Eminem is Eminem. I like Eminem, he’s one of the f–king good emcees, great emcees,” said Game. “I used to think Eminem was better than me. He not. He not. He’s not. Ay, challenge it.” Nore added by saying The Game wouldn’t want to do a Verzuz against Eminem. To which Game answered, “Yes, I do! What do you mean? The f–k you mean?” (View: The Game Wants All The “Verzuz Smoke” With Eminem)

Although Eminem never responded back to The Game, Wack 100 stated on No Jumper, “he proved me wrong because that song I believe is like number two streaming song on the album.” As of this writing, Wack 100 is perhaps wrong. On Spotify alone, ‘Eazy’ and ‘Talk To Me Nice’ are the top two songs off “Drillmatic” with 73 million and 1.4 million streams respectively. ‘The Black Slim Shady’ is not even on The Game’s top 10 streaming songs on Spotify.


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