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Wack 100 To Jim Jones On Alleged Snitching: You Owe An Explanation

Tekashi 69 finally ticked off Jim Jones to the point where now Wack 100 is involved and states the Harlem rapper has explaining to do.

As Tekashi 69 and Wack 100 appeared on Clubhouse Thursday night (August 5), where 6ix9ine called out Jim Jones and labeled the Harlem rapper a snitch. Tekashi’s reasoning is due to the fact Jim Jones never did time behind bars despite being part of a recorded phone conversation where the rapper is heard plotting to hurt 6ix9ine. Aside from the wiretap conversation, Jones allegedly has gun charges that are rumored to have been dismissed.

Jim Jones was not happy about the Clubhouse session and quickly got on the phone with Mel Matrix who is locked up as part of the Nine Trey takedown. On the call, Mel is heard saying, “F–k Wack 100, you know what I’m saying? F–k him and anybody that’s working with him, you heard me?… That n***a a hoe. Him and the n***a he talkin’ to.”

Taking it to Instagram was Wack 100 with a five minute response to Jim Jones. “Ayo, Jim Jones, listen. I don’t know what your issue with me is, bro. The kid the one that called you a snitch. Facts is facts, my n—a,” said on the Instagram clip now shared by Akademiks.

“The fact that you had to have a n—a from jail call, right. And you on the street. You pussy, my n—a. I thought we was better than that but since you want to direct it to me and not talk about what that man said, and what’s on the internet, right, about you talkin’ on a wiretap, let’s me know that you are running from something. ‘Cause not one time, Jimmy, have you addressed what that man said about you,” Wack continued. “Don’t try to re-direct it to Wack name, my n—a.”

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Wack wasn’t done yet as he echoed exactly what Tekashi 69 stated on Clubhouse. “Yo Jim, the world, the streets — you owe an explanation and n—as need to see that paperwork from that gun case you caught in another state. Because something really ain’t adding up.” No response yet from Jim Jones as of this writing.

View the entire breakdown video of Jim Jones, Wack 100 and Tekashi 69 below.


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