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Wack 100 Says Meek Mill Is A Coward And All Talk

Wack 100 continues to publicly show his dislike for rapper Meek Mill, as he commented on a Mysonne Instagram post about Akademiks.

Mysonne took to IG on July 4th where he called Akademiks a “cancer” to the culture. Sharing Akademiks live stream video where he spoke about Lil Vons’ alleged killer and claiming retaliation is a must. In the video posted on IG, Mysonne says he never met Akademiks, but argues that Ak continues to hype beef where he has no place in doing so.

In the caption Mysonne added, “He is literally trying to Amp beef where people are Dying!! How is he even still accepted and Employed by our culture!! He is literally one of the most dangerous and Detrimental Voices out there. We can’t say we want to End the senseless Violence but give Suckas like this platforms and Access to the Culture! He is one the reason Chicago is the way it is!!”

Meek Mill like others took to the comments section agreeing with Mysonne. “S–t sadddd! Bum ass n***a,” Meek Mill commented. Meek Mill has never seen eye-to-eye with Ak. In fact, back in December of 2020, 21 Savage found himself mediating a heater conversation between Meek Mill and Akademiks on the popular Clubhouse app. Aside from his personal issues with Ak, his close friendship with Tekashi 69 also does sit well with Meek Mill.

Commenting on Mysonne’s IG post about Akademiks was Wack 100 who replied back to Meek Mill’s comment. “@meekmill let’s hope when @akademiks runs up on you, you don’t scream he has the police. Once again speaking when you know you ain’t gone do shit! #Coward,” Wack 100 replied. Once again Wack 100 clowned Meek Mill, just as he did earlier this year when Wack stated Tekashi 69 won his infamous altercation with Meek.

Tekashi and Meek Mill ran into each other in a parking lot in Atlanta. In the video footage leaked by Meek’s team and Tekashi 69 himself, the shouting match between the two artists was used for 6ix9ine’s “ZaZa” music video. A video clip which later was taken down after Meek Mill sent a cease and desist to the Brooklyn rapper.


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