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Wack 100 Believes Megan Will Get Arrested If She Lied About Tory

Wack 100 has made a prediction and bet with Akademiks, claiming if Megan lied about Tory Lanez, she will be arrested.

On day two of Tory Lanez’ trial, ex-best friend Kelsey Harris took the stand as she was granted immunity. This gave Kelsey the opportunity to tell her side without worrying about the DA’s office using her testimony to prosecute her for a crime.

Part of that immunity had Kelsey denying that Tory tried to shoot her. She also admitted lying to the police to “protect herself.” For her 40 plus minutes on the stand, Kelsey claimed she could not recall the infamous night correctly due to her consumption of alcohol that evening.

Wack 100 Believes Megan Will Get Arrested If She Lied About Tory
Tory Lanez (YouTube)

Keeping track of all the latest with the case is Akademiks. Streaming live multiple times a day and even for hours straight, Akademiks has been interviewing just about anyone who has knowledge of the case and lawyers who have been sitting in on the case.

Despite connecting live with these credible sources, Akademiks called a good friend in Wack 100 to get his opinion on the ongoing case. Not holding back, Wack 100 continues to defend Tory Lanez. “They never went to speak on for him, cause maybe you was scared you wouldn’t get a feature from Meg or scared of some of other s***. I been the only one in this entertainment industry speaking out loud about that man’s innocence saying ol’ girl full of s***. The rest of these n***** ain’t give Tory no representation,” said Wack 100.

“Let me tell you something bro, they not giving that girl immunity for Tory to walk and her to walk and Meg to go home. They gave her immunity based upon whatever she gon’ say is going to incriminate Meg,” explained Wack. “That D.A. is gonna stick the knife to somebody and it ain’t gon’ be Tory. Cause whatever she says gets him a quitted and whatever she says she has immunity.”

Wack also made a prediction and stated Megan will be cuffed when it’s all set and done. “They cuffing somebody. They gotta take the cuffs off Tory. They can’t cuff the lady cause they gave her immunity. There’s only one motherf**** to cuff,” said Wack referring to Megan The Stallion.


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