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Vivica A. Fox Responds Back To 50 Cent’s GF, Cuban Link Apologizes

Is the beef between Vivica A. Fox and Cuban Link finally over? We take a look at how it all started and what 50 Cent’s girlfriend said last.


The brief beef between Vivica A. Fox and Cuban Link, 50 Cent’s girlfriend, could be over as the actress shares a new video clip from her Vlad TV interview.

This past Sunday (May 30), Fox took to her Instagram account sharing a clip of her praising 50 Cent’s new relationship. In the caption Vivica wrote, “Happy Blessed Sunday Dawlings! #SunSmiles as this is from my @vladtv that @_cuban_link didn’t see! I didn’t deserve no damn violin! (that was cute) I was giving you ya flowers dawling! Best Wishes! NOW! Let’s all move on! 😉”

In the video clip, Fox is seen saying, “I’m glad that’s so over,” she said. “He now has a girlfriends that’s so beautiful, and so hot, and I’m happy for him. I hope he puts a ring on her finger and they live happily ever after. I don’t wish him any ill will.”

Leaving a comment on Fox’s post was Cuban Link. “Humorous comment. Bad timing that’s all,” she wrote. “Now with knowing all of the information, it’s no so funny! I take the blame for the all the commotion! I apologize.”

This all started when Vivica said 50 Cent was “the love of her life” during her recent Vlad TV interview. “He’s such a gentleman, he’s very generous. I know him as Curtis, always will,” Fox said on Vlad TV. “What killed the relationship is that we just went way too public way too fast. The love that I had for him and still to this day. … He was the love of my life, I will admit that without any reservations. He will always have a very special place in my heart.”

After hearing what Vivica had said, 50 Cent responded back when interviewed by Kris Kaylin. “I’m never bothered by when she says that,” he said. “At the time that we actually interacted with each other, we weren’t conscious of everything else that was going on.”

Cuban Linx, 50 Cent’s girlfriend, responded differently. Commenting on The Shade Roomn’s post highlighting Vivica’s “love of my life” video clip, Cuban Linx responded with a heart face emoji and a violin emoji.

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