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Update On Trey Songz Arrest After Fight With An Officer

After getting into an altercation with a police officer at Sunday’s Chiefs game, here is the latest update on Trey Songz and his arrest.

As reported first by TMZ, Trey Songz is on 24hr-hold and will be released Monday night (January 25). As of this writing Songz was arrested for two misdemeanors, trespassing and resisting arrest. And for assaulting an officer which is considered a low grade felony.

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This all took place at Sunday’s KC Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium. According to witnesses at the game, Songz was enjoying the game when he was heckled by fans a few rows behind him. When Treyz told the fans to chill out, this is when an officer approached the 36-year-old singer.

It was at this moment when allegedly the officer became physical with Songz leaving the singer in total shock, witnesses said. Songz defending himself punched the officer and put him in a head lock, but the officer was able to pin Songz down. Fans in attendance can be heard in the video shouting at the officer to get off the singer and suggesting the officer should be arrested not Trey Songz.

Shortly after back up arrived and separated Songz and the officer. Trey Songz was arrested where he is currently in custody. Watch the video below courtesy of TMZ. Stay tuned for the latest update on Trey Songz arrest.


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