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Universal Released Kanye West’s Donda Without His Permission

The music industry was surprised when Donda was finally released – and so was Kanye West as Universal did so without his approval.

According to Kanye, Universal released the album without him knowing. On an Instagram post uploaded Sunday afternoon, Kanye wrote the following, “Universal put my album out without my approval and they blocked Jail 2 from being on the album.”

DaBaby was slated to appear on “Jail Part 2”, but did not causing fans, DaBaby and Kanye West upset searching for answers.

Early Sunday morning (August 29), Kanye West shared a screenshot containing text messages with his manager ‘Bu’ Thiam as he became aware that DaBaby’s manager would not clear the verse for “Jail Part 2.” This did not sit well with Kanye who said on the message that he was not taking DaBaby off the song. “He was the only person who said he would vote for me in public,” West said in a text.

West would also go on to share messages between himself and DaBaby. Sharing words of encouragement to the rapper West said, “God gotta bigger plan.” The same messages was then shared by Arnold Taylor, DaBaby’s manager, denying any involvement with the blocking of his clients verse.

“This is CAP, I woke up this morning to this social media bullshit. I never got a call or email from @kanyewest @__bu @johnmonopoly I just received it today and Cleared it in 2 seconds. Why wouldn’t I want a hit song out when #SCMG is all about the growth and culture of hip hop and my artist!!! To all of the media blogs and outlets don’t believe everything you see in a post, thank you!!! #SCMGShit,” Taylor wrote in the IG caption.

West issues with Universal is well known. Back in 2020 Kanye spoke out about the label and even posted his contract. West would also appear on The Joe Rohan Experience where he stated he wanted to buy Universal. “I was thinking about buying my masters [but] I realized that was too small of a thought. I’m going to buy Universal.“


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