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Two Reasons Why Symba Addressed Funk Flex In Person Over Tupac Comments

Symba explains two reasons why he chose to confront Funkmaster Flex in person over his disrespectful comments about Tupac Shakur.

This past September, Symba appeared on Hot 97 for Funkmaster Flex’s 142nd freestyle episode. Symba took the opportunity to address the legendary New York DJ over what many called disrespectful comments towards another legend, Tupac Shakur.

Flex, it’s a honor to meet you but let’s be clear / I done had a bone to pick with yo’ a** for four years,” rapped Symba. “You say some wild s***, most times you actually right / But all that disrespecting Tupac sh*t stops tonight.”

“I feel like that was something that was needed. I feel like I’m becoming a voice in the culture that says things that a lot of people think, but people don’t say it,” explained Symba. “When Flex was saying certain things about Tupac it kind of hit us a certain way. It kind of rubbed us the wrong way, especially being from the west. We got a different type of love for Tupac.”

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but according to Symba its the way it was said and delivered by Funkmaster Flex. Aside from calling out the New York DJ over disrespectful Tupac comments, Symba had another goal in mind. As he said previously on Hot 107.9, “I wasn’t going to go there and disrespect that man that’s a legend. I wouldn’t know a lot of music today if it wasn’t for Flex.”

In fact, Symba was looking at the bigger picture. “What I was really trying to show people and our community, like if you really pay attention to that freestyle, it’s really me trying to show people that us as Black men can have issues with each other and communicate that where it doesn’t have to be violent. It doesn’t have to be vulgar. It doesn’t always have to be beef. You can address an issue with somebody and you can agree to disagree,” said Symba on VLAD TV.

Symba’s freestyle was praised by many, including Funkmaster Flex, who called the freestyle the best of 2022. The viral moment also caught the attention of Scarface, who met Symba for the very first time over facetime. “You didn’t have to do flex like that, but you did that tho. It take a n**** with some nuts to tell a mothaf*****how he feels about him to his face,” Said Scarface on the video call.


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