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Tupac’s Strange Requests To The Outlawz Before His Last Days

Napoleon, former member of the Outlawz, sat down with Cam Capone News where he spoke about Tupac’s strange requests days before he passed.

Tupac Shakur’s last days in Vegas, from the Mike Tyson fight to his time spent in the UMC, has always been surrounded by question marks. But, in this particular story shared by Napoleon, it was the days prior to Tupac’s passing that were also rather strange.

“I took the Rolex and bracelet that he gave to me. Before he went to New York, he called me into the room. He had also his jewelry on a table,” Napoleon recalled. “He gave me the bracelet. Gave me the ring and a chain.”

Tupac and members of the Outlawz were in New York for the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards. A time in Hip Hop history where Tupac would give his famous Death Row East speech in Bryant Park during the Award show after party. “Do you believe in God. Well if you believe in God, believe in Death Row East,” Tupac said dressed in a white Death Row East T-shirt with his Euthanasia/Makaveli chain hanging from his neck.

Tupac’s Strange Requests To The Outlawz Before His Last Days
Napoleon (Cam Capone News)

“I think I gave E.D.I. a ring, Kadafi the chain. Then he called the rest and they took some stuff. Couple days later Fatal came and took the watch,” Napoleon said. “But, he was just giving away his jewelry, very strange.”

Aside from giving away his Jewelry, Napoleon also recalls something else Tupac did right before his final days. “Even before he passed away and before he went to New York, you know those polaroid cameras that you can buy from like the grocery store back in the days and take picture and get it developed and through it away? He bought a bunch of these and he was like, ‘Man we really don’t have pictures together, let’s use this whole week and take a whole bunch of pictures together,” Napoleon said on Cam Capone News.

This isn’t the first person to recall Tupac acting rather strange during his final days. Appearing on the Steve Harvey show, Keyshia Cole reflected on the last time she spoke with Tupac. Keyshia spoke about Tupac giving her advice on guys, and telling her that one day she will be a star.

“Just giving me a lot of advice like don’t worry about things, you’re gonna be a huge star. You’re a beautiful person, and you gotta remember that guys are gonna want to love you because you’re beautiful, and also there’s gonna be another reason why they’re gonna hurt you. So, you just gotta stay focus. No matter what read, read, read. They can never take the knowledge from you.”

Although Shakur had promised to record a song with Keyshia, those final words to Keyshia Cole felt like Tupac knew he wouldn’t be around anymore. “It seemed like he was talking like he knew he wasn’t going to make it,” Keyshia explains to Steve.

These questionable and rather strange ways of Tupac Shakur still till this day are pondered upon by Napoleon. “Very strange. We don’t know why, because a week later he was dead.”


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