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Tupac’s Step-Father Dr. Mutulu Shakur Released From Prison

Dr. Mutulu Shakur, step-father of Tupac Shakur, has been released from prison after parole was granted in November.

Weeks after he was granted parole, Dr. Mutulu Shakur has been released and is home with his loved ones. Making the announcement back in early November was, “Dr. Mutulu Shakur, a 72 year old grandfather and respected healer and elder was granted parole by the US Parole Commission.”

Now, today December 16th, Dr. Mutulu Shakur, step-father of Tupac Shakur, is a free man. “Dr. Mutulu Shakur was released from prison on parole! The decision to grant parole is based on federal law guidelines for “old law” prisoners, finding that Dr. Shakur poses no threat to the community, taking into consideration his exemplary conduct in prison, his medical condition and how much time he has served. Mutulu is now with his family. This victory was secured by the steadfast support of his legal team, his family and his community comprised of all of you,” read a statement released by the family.”

Tupac's Step-Father Dr. Mutulu Shakur Released From Prison

“Family & Friends of Mutulu Shakur (FFMS) is greatly appreciative of everyone’s support over the course of Mutulu’s decades in prison. We ask that everyone respect Dr. Shakur’s privacy while he spends the holidays with his family and concentrates on his health and healing. Any inquiries to FFMS can be directed to, and we will be sure to release more information as it is available. May everyone celebrate the achievement of securing his release and deepen our commitment to a more just future.”

Back in June of 2022, Shakur’s attorney, Brad Thomson told MSNBC, that Shakur had endured drastic weight loss due to his illnesses and treatments; had Covid at least twice; and had been relying on IV feeding tubes on and off since May. Thomson also stated that doctors with the Federal Bureau of Prisons gave Shakur less than six months to live in May, noting that his cancer treatment had stopped working.

Over the past weeks, fundraising events have been held all over the states in support and preparation for Dr. Mutulu Shakur’s release. See the Ways to Support page (here) for the most up-to-date information on how you can reach out to and support.


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