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Tupac’s Sister Sekyiwa Shakur Reveals What Made Her Brother Smile

In a series of interviews as the world celebrated Tupac Shakur’s 50th birthday, Tupac’s sister Sekyiwa Shakur spoke about what made her brother smile.

Appearing on Dish Nation, Sekyiwa was asked what made Tupac smile. “Laughter of children,” said an emotional Sekyiwa Shakur. “A little girl blushing made him smile. Kids kicking the ball made him smile. As children of our generation we know too much of our smiles are robbed from us. And so that’s what this foundation (TASF) is trying to do. We have rights. We have the right to smile.”

Part of Tupac’s birthday celebration, the popular Verzuz paid tribute to the rappers life and highlighted the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation in which Tupac’s sister Sekyiwa is the president. The foundation founded by Afeni Shakur focused more on the performing arts, but after Afeni’s passing, Sekyiwa changed the direction of the foundation. “What I realize was is our people are in much more need,” she explains to Dish Nation. “We have to be available and resource for them.”

The foundation is also gearing up to honor Afeni with a beautiful production that will highlight an evening Of Prose, Poetry and Movement. Tickets will be available in the up coming weeks and all proceeds will go towards The Afeni Shakur Legacy Fund. “Through this Fund we will be able to continue Afeni’s Legacy by assisting disenfranchised & marginalized women of color, 45 years and older, who are in need of financial support to further their personal growth and development,” the foundation stated on their Instagram account.

Those who would like to donate can do so by texting AFENI to 44321 or by visiting this link here.


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