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Tupac Would’ve Been On Mount Westmore Under One Condition

Ice Cube names the one condition that would have determined if Tupac would be part of Mount Westmore if he was still alive.

West coast legends Ice Cube, E-40 and Too Short appeared on Million Dollaz Worth of Game, where three fourths of Mount Westmore did just that, as they gave listeners their money’s worth. In this case, free game. Regardless, if you didn’t tune in, you’re missing out.

Along with the trio, rap’s supergroup also includes Snoop Dogg. The group is set to release their debut album on December 9th. During episode number 194 of Million Dollaz Worth of Game, the possibility of a fifth member was brought up by co-host Wallo, “If ‘Pac was here, would he be in the group?”

Mount Westmore
Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, E-40 (YouTube)

Tupac, who moved to the bay area as a teen and spent his final year repping the west coast and Death Row records, would seem to be an obvious pick. But, for Ice Cube, it is more than just rap and business.

“We formed this group because we have been friends for as long as we known each other. If we still had the comradery together, like we been had over these thirty years, then of course yeah. If for some reason we lost touch and lost the connection, then maybe not,” explained Cube

“This is love, as much as it is smart business. I don’t know if it can come together if it’s not a genuine friendship. It’s like being in a group with your cousins. If we still had that same comradery with ‘Pac, then yeah we would have five members in the group.”

Tupac also had a love for acting and had starred in six movies before passing away at the age of 25. Too Short suggested Tupac’s focus wouldn’t have been on music in 2022. “If ‘Pac was still here, ‘Pac would be on movie number 30. He’d be like f**king Denzel Washington,” added Too Short.


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