Tupac Stopped Wearing His Death Row Chain For This Reason

Wendy Day appeared on Hip Hop XXIV where she revealed the reason why Tupac stopped wearing his Death Row chain.

Since his release from prison in October of 1995, Tupac immediately hopped on a plane and flew to California joining Death Row records. History was made as Tupac’s raps first ever double album ‘All Eyez On Me,’ went five times platinum. Although Tupac had success and repped Death Row records, rumors had Tupac leaving Suge Knight‘s label.

Part of those rumors, could actually be factual, given the fact Tupac was indeed forming his own label. According to Wendy Day, Tupac’s record label called Euthanasia was not just your normal music label. “Well the great thing about what he was trying to do is that it was more than a record label. He was trying to build centers for kids inside the hood and every urban area,” Wendy Day explained. “He wanted to have child care inside the label, so that when the men or women came to work there was a place to leave their children like in a day care.”

Tupac wearing his Euthanasia chain in New York

Scholarships for employees who wanted to pursue a college education was also in the plans for the label. Unfortunately Euthanasia and its vision died with Tupac on September 13th 1996. But, according to Wendy Day, Tupac was indeed leaving Death Row records and Knight was fully aware. “He even stopped wearing the chain. He stopped wearing the Death Row chain and he was wearing an angel pendant with rubies,” Wendy Day said.

“I was shopping a deal with him. He had delivered the three albums he had to deliver to Death Row and he was starting a label called Euthanasia,” Wendy Day said on Hip Hop XXIV. “I had put a business plan together. Literally actively shopping it to get distribution when he was shot.”

Listen to Wendy Day talk about Tupac below or watch the video clip here.


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