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Tupac Fan Shares Her Experience With The Music Icon In Viral TikTok

Twenty-five years after his death, the popularity of Tupac Shakur certainly remains solid as proven by a viral TikTok video about the Hip Hop icon.

When the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world, a new video sharing platform emerged, TikTok. Since then, many videos have received many millions of views as a result of going viral. A new trend of talking about “nice experiences” with celebrities has taken off. One particular video shows user @joyluckk real name Joy Williams, talking about her very impressive encounter with Tupac.

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The lucky woman met the music icon at a club in 1995, after he mentioned on the radio the previous evening that “all the fine girls got in for free”. With this in mind, she and her friends approached the bouncers, not privy to the information that Tupac shared and tried to charge them the entry fee. Talking in the TikTok video she said: “Just then, Tupac drove by in a convertible. He was sitting on the backseat and somebody else was driving. The bouncer said, ‘well there you go, why don’t you go ask him yourself’. He was trying to be funny.”

Not wanting to miss this exciting opportunity, Joy and friend Erica did just as the bouncers told them. The pair walked across to the car to relay to Tupac what the bouncers said to them. He chatted to them and asked them how many girls in total.. Joy continues: “He walked us back to the bouncers and said, ‘I said all the fine girls get in for free, they get in for free, they’re with me’, and we got in for free.”

As of Thursday afternoon, the TikTok video has over 176K reactions. Furthermore, fans of the late iconic artist taking to the comments in awe of her story. One user wrote: “Girl you met Tupac?? It’s over you won.” “‘I met Tupac’ – that’s all you could’ve said and I would’ve been sold. I love that man sm,” wrote another. Lastly, a comment that sums Joy’s experience up came from user @deadantinnanapkin stating simply: “This is the ULTIMATE flex!!!!”


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