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Trollz NFT Presented By 6ix9ine Will Give Back To Holders, Charities

ItIt has been some time now since we have heard from Tekashi 69, but the rapper has now released the Trollz NFT for his fans and supporters.

Released on Thursday, October 28th, the Trollz NFT is a collection consisting of 120+ attributes and characteristics. TROLLz model is to give back to charity and holders while creating a fun experience for fans and crypto users worldwide.

A day before its release, Tekashi 69 released a video on the Trollz NFT official Instagram account. “Thank you so much for supporting the Trollz NFT,” 6ix9ine said in the brief video. “Thank ya’ll. Love ya’ll. Taking this sh*t to the moon.” Part of the release is the Trollz NFT official website and social media handles for Twitter and Instagram, along with a Discord account.

The NFT is listed at about $400 which is the equivalent of 2 SOL (9,669 tokens). The aim for the project is for 6ix9ine to interact with his fans on another level and to give long term value to holders. Donations will be made to five charities at $20,000 a piece as part of the Trollz NFT project.

There isn’t too much information as of yet, but rest assure this isn’t a scam. As stated on the official website, “This is a project in direct correlation with 6ix9ine. He is aware and privy to the inner workings going on behind the scenes. This project is directly influenced by his involvement, so anything promised on TROLLz web/discord will be delivered.”


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