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Treach Picks Who Should Represent Tupac And Biggie In Verzuz

Treach, who had close connections with Tupac and Biggie Smalls, recently said who he thinks should represent Tupac and Biggie in a Verzuz.

Appearing on Hip Hop XXIV for an exclusive interview, Treach a fan of Verzuz, decided to pitch a rather unique concept for a Verzuz featuring two hip hop greats.

“If it wasn’t them, I would think the little homie who played ‘Pac in his movie ‘All Eyez On Me’ and Jamal who played Biggie. I think they studied them so great, when you saw those films, I felt Like I was honestly watching them. I was really amazed how they mastered them as their personalities, as the way they talk, as the way their swag was. It really looked like a documentary instead of a movie, both of those movies.”

Treach Picks Who Should Represent Tupac And Biggie In Verzuz
Demetrius Shipp Jr. (YouTube/Vibe)

Treach is referring to Demetrius Shipp Jr. who played Tupac Shakur in the ‘All Eyez On Me’ biopic and Jamal Woolard who portrayed Biggie Smalls. But, the two actors wouldn’t be alone on stage. According to Treach, others who were around both Tupac and Biggie should help bring out what could go down as the biggest Verzuz ever.

“Have them do it and on Biggie’s side, have Lil Kim and the real Junior Mafia and on ‘Pac’s side have the Outlawz,” Treach suggested on Hip Hop XXIV. “To me that would be like a reincarnation.”

A Biggie and Tupac Verzuz has been a hot topic since the birth of the popular head-to-head showdown which highlights the best of the best in music. Back in the summer of 2020, co-founder Timbaland took to Instagram asking his followers about a possible Tupac Verzuz Biggie showdown. Timbaland added to the anticipation with his post of Tupac and Biggie’s catalog going head-to-head with 20 songs for each of them. A list that featured hits such as ‘Hail Mary,’ ‘Juicy,’ ‘California Love,’ and ‘Sky’s The Limit.’

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Many till this day have weighed in on the potential Verzuz, including Joe Budden who said Tupac would come out on top. “I think ‘Pac would end Nas on a Verzuz and beat BIG in a Verzuz bad,” Joe Budden said on his podcast. “BIG died too soon to play with ‘Pac in a Verzuz. I just think he died too soon.”


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